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Dec. 25th, 2011

Yeah so I was like scratching my neck with a fork today when I saw this big fuckin eagle:

Just sitting on the kitchen sill just looking at me like “hey bro u got some lychee?”

You know who he looks like?! That big chinese guy’s bird in Mulan. Lao Tzu? Lao shi? I’m not even sure Lao was even a syllable in his name but yeah he rode a horse and was pissed most of the time and had this bird flapping around him all the time. I can’t find a picture of him because the google image search for “big fat angry guy from mulan” doesn’t give me specifics.

Hey have you see this ad for Samsung Galaxy 2 Something?

Like for fuck’s sake people this girl looks at least 6 years old and her parents have NEVER shown her a fish in her entire life?!?!?!?!?! What kind of a stupid little dumb ass PUTS A PHONE IN THE FISH TANK. HERP DERP DER IS A FISH IN DA PHON DERFORE I MUST PUT DA PHON IN DA TANK WHR IT WIL B SAFE. Ffs, 1. You do not put a phone in water you stupid little girl. 2. If the fish is doing fine swimming around in the phone then leave it alone. For goodness sake don’t touch fish.

Also it may be the smartest of smart phones but that girl is like the stupidest of stupid chicks.

Speaking of dumb kids, I was teaching Gina about the planets in the Solar System.

Trin: “Why planet is after Saturn?”
Gina: “Uhuhhuhhhhhhhmmmmmmm”
Trina: “Starts with U”
Gina: “OH :D:D:D UGANDA!!”
Trina: “Yes.”

Gina: “Oh yeah and like um like you know how the earth is spinning in one way and spinning around another way and it’s like always spinning then it gets dizzy so like slow down?”

I’m not quite sure if that was a question or a statement but okay.

ALSO GUIZ I had this rad dream where I saw and talked to every single person I have ever met. It was awesome. Looking back on it, it wasn’t even that long. The scenario was at a wedding, and the bathroom in the wedding location. Literally the dream lasted like 5 minutes. But the highlight of the dream was that I was opening a can of sprite and it fizzed out and I had a foam beard like this:

and then I went to the bathroom to wash it off and on the way I bumped into Simon and Burnsey. I can probably justify that dream because the day before said dream, I was playing around with some hair mousse and I rubbed it all over my upper lip to make a moustache. I probably specifically bumped into Burnsey and Simon because I reviewed the thread on the picture of Simon, Kathryn, Courtney and … “boobage” on a swimming carnival ’10 album on facebook and let’s just say the fight was, intense, grammatically correct and entertaining. This is not it: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=448594530598&set=a.444057580598.385738.558965598&type=3&theater

I'm sorry this post isn't amaing but my tummy hurts and I miss people :(

Anyhow, I hope you have a merry Christmas! I don't celebrate it, but I really really like the atmosphere :) However, i think it's important to remember the reason behind Christmas, even if i may have different beliefs regarding it. A festival should be more about the actual event (in this case the birth of Jesus Christ) as well as being good to people and spending time with family. And presents... a little bit :{> I just don't like it when hillbillies go all THESE PEOPLE R RUININ OUR HOWLADAY WITH THEIR PREACHIN' AN CHURCHIN' AN' WHATNOT! No fool, they are upholding religious values, leave them be. 



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December di fifting

So the other day I got a text message from a personal trainer from the gym I go to saying I can get 2 "quickie packs" where I get to work with a PT for half an hour sessions. Upon arrival at the gym the next day at 9am (I know, 9am, I lived it bruh. Sucked major gym balls), I craftily chose the least buff personal trainer, thinking he'd be lenient on my frail body. Keeping in mind he was still pretty buff, just the least biggest so I probably still would go through hell. Welp, turns out he was a scholar and a gymnast and a core specialist. So he really did focus on the weighted squats and the 60kg leg presses and the sitting against the wall for what seemed like forever until my thighs started seizing. Yep, pretty much had my ass kicked. Oh lol then he asked me how old I am and what day of the month I was born. The answers being 19 and 22 respectively, i alternated between 19 and 22 reps of all the leg breaking exercises. Oh but he did say my outward rotations are excellent and i'd be a fit ballerina. So you know, he basically called me a princess.

HEY GUIZ have you ever been to Bunning's warehouse and looked at the ceiling? I always wondered how that store can stay so airy and cool without air conditioners, but i never thought to look up. THEY HAVE THE BIGGEST FREAKING CIELING FANS IN THE WORLD. Seriously no, they are the size of a full sized helicopter, spinning at a really low speed. I thought that was really clever actually, environmentally friendlier than air conditioners and tres cool *moustache and sunglasses flash*
Also, since we moved into our new house, my dad has become a landscaping enthusiast and he's purchasing every backyard machine ever. Thing is, when he lifts up the machines at Bunnings to try them out, he always makes the noises really loudly at the shop- just to get a feel of what operating that machine would be like in real life. So there he was, walking in a straight line holding a hedge trimmer going "broooom brombromromromromrmrbromr BROMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BROBRORNROBONRM," taking a break to pause, then saying "Nah the machine isn't fuel powered". There were so many customers watching in that isle -.-
Also also also, whenever i go to bunnings, it always reignites that flame flickering within me to have a fishy pond. I've always wanted a pond in my backyard, with really nice stones, boulders and flowers surrounding it. And when nobody would be around, i would secretly stand in the pond and grab the fish, pat them and then let them go....

Oh oh oh and guys I really want to start rollerskating! My friendz bought be those wheels that you can attach to your sneakers and go wheelin around like those cute little Korean kids I saw outside James An Coaching Centre when I did a creative writing course there. They were so cool! So my pals got me a pair of Dora the Explorer and a pair of Barbie wheels because they thought i'd need the extra support :P My dad banned me from wheeling after I thought it'd be a brilliant idea to roll at night in my old house without any lights on. Don't judge me, the wheels light up. Oh yeah and I dislocated my knee doing that. Yeah but this time for reals I'll wear a helmet and knee thingys to stop my knee moving.

Me: Mum I think I'm going to go pro with these rollerskating wheels, and then I'll get legit rollerskates :{>
Me: Yeah but like, I can rollerskate everywhere...
Mum: Clean the house.

Okay I have to finish my soup and orange juice now guys..... then I'm going to play some League :>
Be good to yourself {:c    (that's my emoticon for someone who is sad because they accidentally got a middle part in their hair)

Also, the following picture makes me think of a fat man who plays the xylophone and giggles to himself and eats m&m cookies.

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To be happy is to love all that you have.

The drugs will never work.

As long as there are people to bring you down, and do little things that they know will hurt you.
As long as people treat you like you'll never be enough.
I'm telling you now- the drugs will never ever work.
Do yourself a favour. Excise them from your life, and I promise things will get better. 
It won't be the same without them, but then again tomorrow won't be the same as today.

But the best thing you can do is take care of yourself because you deserve it.

So on Thursday the 8th of December, after two years, I stopped taking my antidepressants .
Because medication does not remove the root of the problem, it keeps you suspended and deluded.

<3 Be kind.

Return from le hiatus!

I'm probably not known for my brilliant ideas unless they're so stupid they are considered brilliant. The following is neither. 

I don't usually eat brocolli raw, so it must be steamed or cooked in some form or other. The other day (today) I decided to chop up some vegetables and give them to my fluffy bunnies. As my bunnies chewed on the broccoli, I got heaps jealous because it looked so delicious........................... so I .. took the broccoli from Mr Snowflake mid-nom and i took a bite out of the tree bit. FUAAAAARK it sucked. like suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. The little furry tree bits all got stuck on the back of my tongue and no amount of tongue dancing could change their position on my taste buds. It was yuuuuuck guys. Don't take your bunny's food. It's mean and it probably doesn't even taste very good. And cook your broccoli. 


So another cool story over the last year is the NRMA phone call story! So on a Wednesday at around 12:30-1:00pm, as I ripped off my labcoat like superman, I received a phonecall from NRMA. The nice lady asked me to renew my roadside assist THEN AND THERE.

I told her "Prithee, milady, I request ye to kindly renew my vehicular assist tomorrow for I am undressing".
She said "What time is good for you?"
"6:17pm, thank you"
"Uh , .. we close at 6pm... when would you like me to call?"
"Then 5:47pm should be just fine!"
"5:47pm? That sounds good, talk to you then!"
"I shall pencil you in :)"

And I even did the :) at the end into the phone. 

The next day I was hanging out with Hapdogz at maccas (the place 2 b), when I decided to check my phone for 9 angry missed calls from my mother. To my pleasure, I found a missed call from NRMA at 5:47pm. It absolutely made my day to know that someone listened to my personal wish to be contacted at 5:47pm exactly! ... even though I was a dick and didn't pick up. Dick move Trin.

That was about the most exciting thing that happened to me over the last year ...  apart from miraculously passing first year with distinctions, Nub, me getting job offers (oh brace yourself for the textual bashing of Theobroma's Chocolate Lounge), Trishna saying she'll bring me presents from France and me getting my ear pierced .. AND OMG DID YOU GUYS KNOW ABOUT OTTERS?!

Okay, rephrasing. This has been the most awesome thing over the past year. Did you know otters hold hands while they sleep (in water) so that they don't float away from each other?!?! It's the cutest thing I've ever heard! 

Animals are so beautiful!

Unlike Rose from Titanic (i keed, Roz is byutifl). She's like "I'll neva let go jak!" and let's go like.. 2 seconds after he closes his eyes. 

OH OH one more exciting thing I did was I joined the gym! Let me tell you, it's a long road to being Trina aZyzza... real long. Seriously.. on my first day I went in, felt really skinny and stupid looking and pathetic... rode a bike for like 7 minutes. The bike said I did a good job like "GOOD WORKOUT BUDDY! :D" So I felt a little more motivated. I went and leg pressed 75kg and then I was going to do weighted squats... but then I saw these really muscly women lifting really fat dumb bells so out of insecurity I started with really heavy weights and died after my third squat. Held the stairway railing with both hands on the way down because my legs were wobbly like the foundations of Kim Kardashian's marriage (nailed it). BUT THEN I HAD SUBWAY like a real health boss :{D

Well, my mum says I have to drink my milk now so I'll show you a picture of my new ear piercing. Can I just say that I am a dumb ass and got the wrong ear pierced in terms of which side of my head is covered by hair and which side of hair i tuck behind my ear :( So I'll get the other one pierced too but oh my goodness did it hurt like shit. I had it done with a thck surgical needles and believe me I heard it cut a hole in my cartilage and sit there as blood dripped out. It was worse than what you're imagining, but the guy who did it did do a great job because it's been two days and my ear didn't bleed and the ear labret is moving back and forth with no pain so good job hip guy who did my ear :)


Night night! And sorry I didn't talk to you guys for a year, I was sleeping through lectures and being sad about how lonely uni is.


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For the helluvit

okay, so like i'll put it in Kindergarten terms like my sister does.

Yesterday I went to the RTA.
I wore a green fluffy shirt and I wore some pants.
I also looked like the biggest fob of all time.
Before, I couldn't get my license because the lady thught i was a spy and was like "YO BITCH YU GOTS A NU ASSPORT AND SO YOU COULDA LIKE CHANGED UR NAME AND SHIT SO I'MA NEED TER VERIFY YO ASS".
So i had to bring in my citizenship certificate and older assport and stuff, and while walking there i realised i was smiling like a faggot whilst holding up the front of the citizenship certificate to the world. Also i had henna on. Also i was wearing sandals with jeans. Also the wind blew my hair into a middle part. Also my hair was frizzy. I felt the need to rub coconut oil all over myself.

Omg lolz guys i look soooo bad in this picture omgshh ... *posts more luvos*

So then they approved my ass and i sat the L's test and got A PERFECT SCORE MOFO. YEA BOII I'MMA HIT UP DA STREETS ON MY OWN DON'T NEED NO ASSISTANCE CAUSE I GOTS FULL MARKS BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH. So like.. clear the roads, i wasn't kidding when i said i'mma hit the streets. Though i look like a dehydrated potato with hair in my picture on the license. .. suppose everyone looks that bad .____.

Hey on a side note, this is Lil Jon in highschool:


Speaking of RE MEM BA ing things, i just had a random memory.
Year 8 Geography Yearly, I watched Giacomo bite of chunks of a wooden ruler and chew. Like he did at least 15 centimetres of damage to that ruler... and also Stefan was thwacking himself on the head with a floppy purple ruler until Ms Thomas came and told him it was distracting the other students. Wowwwwwwwwww how time has flied. Flyed? Flown. Okay.

I remember how much i studied for those exams and stressed abuot them. I'd give a lot to be back on those days. Between you (like everyone..) and me, I'm really scared for next year. Despite us saying OMG WURR A TIIGHT GRADE WE STICK 2GEVA ... we're going separate ways an di'm going to miss school. Not only just the routine of being bad ass in class, but ym line 5 free (i miss it so much) and all of us hanging in the senior lawn. I went back to school and it's all crappy ass without you guys.

And now i have NOTHING TO DO... i wake up at 12... and am too tired to move so i go back to sleep at 3pm...
Haha you seriousy should not give me free time.

I remember how i had a few stuvacs before my first trial HSC exam.

Man.. i don't think i have danced that hard in my LIFE.
I told Ms Das Neves. She thought it was hilarious but inside she was probably heaps disappointed... like ohhhh nooooo *takes off glasses, rubs place between eyes... stripy blue shirt, Mr Singh*. Man I love Mr Singh, he used to get so excited about discussing biology with us after exams. The way his face lit up.. and also how the light was sucked out of it when he found out someone took his car plates (year 8 science.. 1+1+1+1+1, then never getting detention). Ahhh good times.

Anyway it was Big V's birthday yesterday so HAPPY BERDAI cept i don't think  mine measures up to Bangs' wish. 

and his christmas story.. that story was.. well.. very chronological, sensical and witty:
"One dei i was walkin down da stritth and i sow a big bogkz of choklett.. when i grabitup .. peepu werr chessin me.. u no y?"
*children ask why*
*boom. intro.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BKpjmfJUC0 you gon' have good afternoon.

Man. Musical genius. Lyrical Genius.

First there was Shakespeare. .. Elvis Presley... Lil Wayne.. and now you have Bangs.

And with that, I bid thee adeiu :D
Don't let post party depression get a hold of you, smile through it. SMILE IT AWAY. LIKE A BOSS.

<3 trinket

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"   I'm a single mother with no living relatives.

My only joy in my life, my baby girl, just died in a car accident.

I no longer feel the need to be on this planet.   "

Six Billion Secrets

You know sometimes we don't appreciate how good we've got it.
I was reading SixBillionSecrets, and some of these stories are so sad.

When I was fourteen, I saw my dad shoot and kill my mother.

I hate Father's Day.

" When i was 7 my mom told me to kick my sister in the stomach.

I didn't know she was 5 months pregnant. the baby died, and its all my fault.

Thanks mom, for making me feel like a murderer everyday of my life.

Imagine having to live life like that. Constant guilt. And the mother. She used an innocent child to undertake her dirty work. Bitch doesn't even begin to describe this woman.


"My friends and I are having the best Summer of our lives.

They think it's just because my last scan was clear.

I don't have the heart to tell them the cancer is terminal.

I need this to be a good Summer, because this is my last one."


" When I was 4 I was raped by my adoptive brother several times until I was 9...

I can't be myself around my family. No one knows about it, and every day I try to act like it never happened.

I hope I have the strength to tell someone, because it's killing me inside. "

Sometimes you don't realise how lucky you are that you're alive,
your parents love you, your family is stable,
you're coping financially,
the members of your family are healthy,
you are being educated, you have an education ahead of you,
at least someone loves you, is amazed by you,
you don't live with guilt,
you are not oppressed,
someone will listen to you,
you have the power to control your body,
- control your life
and to make better the lives of others around you.

I know I'm being hypocritical by saying this, because sometimes when I'm not absorbed in how awesome i think i am, i am insecure, i'm not pretty, i call myself stupid, whatever. But if you're complaining about petty things like i do, just think about all your riches. About all the things you are so priveleged to have. And just forget it, smile- I know I am.

Absorb all the sunshine you're exposed to.

Wear sunscreen KTHXBAI.

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You know what I think is a good idea?

Check out my deviantart.
It's cold and hungry for attention.

note: this conversation took place in a different language

Dad: Alright, who left all these toys strewn all over the floor?
Gina: Oh it was mum.
Gina: What? I'm not lying. You always bang on about you "doing everything in this house" so i reckon you did this too!

*Kanye West Shrug*

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And From Your Lips She Drew A Hallelujah.

"I wanted to write something in the tradition of the hallelujah choruses
but from a different point of view...
It's the notion that there is no perfection -
that this is a broken world.
We live with broken hearts
and broken lives but still that is no alibi for anything.
On the contrary, you have to stand up
and say hallelujah under those circumstances."
-Leonard Cohen


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World Domination

Akshay laughed at me because I said that by never leaving my house i was the normal one and that you guys are all weirdo alien thingies..
I asked why.

akshay says:
*becoz u wont leave ur room
trinket <3 We're gonna light it up, like it's dynamite! says:
*that's so normal..

*you're the weirdos...
*venturing the real world

akshay says:
*ofc the real world has nothing to offer we are completely out of our minds
trinket <3 We're gonna light it up, like it's dynamite! says:
*why leave the room when all the worlds' awesome is right inside you
*so i reckon, just shove your hand down your throat
*and sit there
*touching awesome

akshay says:
*lol very well
*i choose to share the inner awesome and spread it round
trinket <3 We're gonna light it up, like it's dynamite! says:

akshay says:
*where hath this allegation risen from
trinket <3 We're gonna light it up, like it's dynamite! says:
*the awesome is inside you
*to extract it... you must projectile vomit
akshay says:
*hell yeh
*show it off wif pride

Trishna once said that Akshay and I just feed each others' egos.. i don't see why she would say that.

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Jul. 4th, 2010

Well I was really excited about last night's game between Argentina and Germany.
Especially the positioning of the players. 9, 10, 11: Higuain, Messi, Tevez.

Man Tevez is fierce. I'm pretty sure at some point i saw him fight his way through four germans whilst in complete control of the ball. Sure he is a bit ape-like, but he's soooo attractive. And Messi, well i don't need to go into why i love Messi. But Higuain! OMG sexy beast as well as heck as good striker. Whooooa.

But to the point. 4-0 ... well that was sooo upsetting I actually walked out of the house sulking.. I never thought I'd get emotional over a soccer game. ugh. I could say "how do you lose that bad" but i guess you could lose by 7... That game was nicely played though and I'm not sure of the DPRK player but IF ONLY!! he had used his right leg and not the left..

Anyway. Argentina. Ah well.

I think I'll root for the superstar team of Spain now..

So bummed right now..

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Okay guys this is going to be one helluva post and it’s going to be generally dishevelled but you’ll get the general order of things because I’m typing this up as if I’m speaking to you… like how I normally blog. Second thoughts, you might not get it because I’m normally all over the place with how I talk. BUT YOU LOVE IT NO NEED TO BE SHY..


Oh that reminds me of Mikey’s pick up line.

What you have to do is sit there and glare at someone, heavy creepy breathing is optional and as soon as the object of your affection glances at you for a millisecond: “IT’S OKAY YOU CAN KISS ME. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE SHY” *deep deep breathing*


Hehehhe. Well lately Happy, Trishna and I had felt a bit distant, mainly because of things happening at lunch such as meetings and we couldn’t really hang out that much until the lunchtime of the last English extension exam. We decided to sit together at lunch quietly in the sun to practise our essays. Well. Practising our essays was the last thing we did… actually no we didn’t do any work. I burst out into random high pitched aunty singing curry serial themesongs such as KYUNKII SAAAS BHI KABHI BOHU THIIIIII. Oh man, I think it was the shock value that was hilarious. Oh and the fact that I had to hold close one of my nostrils to perfect that nasal tone required. Also it was Gunjan’s Birthday and we got her some cupcakes, made by Happy. When they asked her to cut her actual cake, she picked up a cupcake and started eating it.



Trishna *look of incredulous frustration*: That was really BAAAAD. *storms off, Happy following after*


Yeah I actually had to apologise for that bad joke… I’ve never had to apologise. Sometimes I wish my friends had good taste… like cupcakes. Askhay thought it was brilliant.. LOL I keed I keed, trish and happy put up with so much of my shit <3 .. and by shit I mean bursts of brilliance.


“I’m dobbing on youuuuu”

“Why?” *annoyed*

“BECAUSE YOU PUT A… BONG… IN MY THONG… AND… I GREW A SCHLONG” *look of utter shock upon the beholder*


Then we laughed at the prospect of putting that word into our cold war essay.


America’s … schlonglike power (Freudian theory + phallic imagery) penetrated through the communist states …”


Well that would be interesting for the marker.


Right so… English extension exam. After writing 1200 words, I dislocated my pinky. Popped it back into place. And wrote another 500 words. That’s dedication if I don’t say so myself. Yeah I wrote 1700 words… and I only had 1500 in my practise essay… so I wrote that and there was a 200 word panic le-way :P Oooh.. panickle… that’s a cool word. But it’s kind of cute and panic isn’t very cute so I guess you can’t really use it. But the lead singer of Panic! was cute… like cupcakes.


So Happy, Trish and I walked to Civic park after our exam like we usually do and played on the giant see saw thingy and contemplated life after the HSC for like… 2 seconds… we don’t like to take things seriously.. that’s for serious people… like Channel Ten.


Homg I just felt my face and it’s soooooo soft.


I remember this one time where I set my alarm to 4:30am so I could get up and study. Sure enough my alarm went off, and I woke up.. but I felt my face and it was so soft I fell asleep again. Okay that was random.


So Wednesday night was MAD!!! I got to Riverside Theatre and hung outside with Happy and Elias for a bit. As we walked into the actual foyer I saw JONGKIM panickling outside (with no good reason, he’s certified amazing!).


OH SPEAKING OF JONGKIM. I’m grumpy at you dude. He got all sad cause I texted him with ARGENTINAAA after we won. Come on dude, that was a group text bro… not to specifically spite you. I sent it to everyone who I thought was watching. Anyway, I can never be sad with JONGKIM because he’s like the best guy ever (all jokes aside, really).


Oh and the performances at MAD were awesome! JONGKIM and Leon were amaaaaazing doing Start by Depapepe (de pa pee pee as Leon pronounces), Jacko and Hannah with “Taylor”, Burnsey, Belinda with her crazy flolfofloofflofloflolfoflofof clarinet playing, Wrivu, Jono with “Feeling Good” (SO JIZZTASTIC… never used that word before so you know how I feeeeel!), the crazy ass Punjabi Dancers burned down the roof, Nick, Jaddo with his smooothe voice, and Tambo boy!


+ Monjie. Destroyed the chances of any male at Girraween High School. We thought it was pretty impressive that he played the guitar behind his head. THEN HE STARTED PLAYING GUITAR WITH HIS TEETH OMG…….. *melts*


Mum: So how was MAD?

Trina: There was this guy who played guitar with his teeth…


Also, Jarrod about Jono’s singing:

Jarrod: we’d need a couple of tissues up where we were sitting…

Me: ohhhh like for crying?

Jarrod: …no…


Ahhh so good (Like that asian guy in year 10 drama singing Waltzing Matilda).


After that we all walked to Maccas.


Shiv: I’m going to get shot.


I think that was on someone’s facebook status.


Oh oh oh mine’s pretty funny at the moment. It’s Vivek’s msn impersonation of sleazy Cristiano Ronaldo:


Futeból takes me many plaices, hot plaicis, cóld plaicis, ezillerating plaicis... endh, other plaicis. But ai prapar fó ital, because in ma lafe people ispecte only the best performance, éven ender extréme condicions, and sohdohai. Castrol age, Castrol's best, even endher extrémes.... Castrol édge, its more then just oil, its licwid eennnjernerin”

So good.. like cupcakes.


Oh you know what else is good (apart from cupcakes…). Soccer players!

I don’t know about you, but I find talent incredibly INCREDIBLY attractive. Like you can look like an ape and have that talent and I’ll still be attracted to you (… Tevez I’m looking at you). And also Messi. His dumb ass smile makes my heart feel super happy. I love dumb ass smiles, they light up a face, they light up a day and they can light up entire lives!


I like Kavishan’s dumb ass smile… even the one that’s autopilot on his face when he zones out in class and the hamster running the little cogs in his brain is taking a nap <3


Anyway, time to retell what happened YESTERDAY!

So … the whole day was basically a bludge. Especially free period. There was at least 40 odd year twelves just strolling around the school… ten playing soccer and us just standing around with me wearing the ridiculous purple earmuffs.


At some point we decided to crash Ms Thomas’ birthday party and sung Happy Birthday at least 18 times (I am not kidding, honestly). After I walked out… just by myself in a corridor, with Elias’ ridiculous purple earmuffs around my head I WAS AMBUSHED BY TURK AHHHHH. So in a panic I did what elias does and pulled off the muffs and hurled them halfway across the garden in fear of turk. She made me go get them and we had a girly conversation about how purple is such a fab colour. Wow fab is a really gay word.


After that I was in a particularly good mood and the dirty calls just kept on flying. Trishna was trying to convince Shay to come watch Toy Story with them and was looking at me to support her, but me being the purple muffed idiot- just stood there laughing like a cupcake and made stupid calls.


Akshay: oh I would come but I caaan’t…

Trina: He WOOD COME if he was stimulated! OHOHOHOHHO OHOHOHOHO SOLEHH.


Oh oh oh and another call after school. So you know how Pendle Hill is basically Sri Lanka/ India… right? So there was this poster of a fully done up bride dressed in red and all make-uppy. She had an enlightened look on her face and had one finger pointing to the sky as if she thought of something great.


Me still in my purple muffy euphoric idiotry:




Well… I’m a feminist so don’t get all up in my hood for sexism, I was joking… and it’s true… that woman would probs end up in the kitchen anyway. And I made everyone laugh so all’s good.


Okay time for random quote out of context!


Mahsa: “oh so like… if you inhale it … do you get sick?”

Ruben: “No … because it’s concrete” *really bluntly*



Yesterday ended well. Everyone went to toy story so Kristy, Obil and I ate kebabs after school. It was really really nice and I loved chilling out with those two. What wasn’t nice was the guy who tried to charge me $20 for a kebab because I asked for extras… and how he asked if I wanted chicken in my chicken kebab. I’d laugh if it was funny, I’m the king of funny. But this guy was just dry. Moisturiser maybe.


Anyway I’m sorry this was such a long windy ass post!


Ew… windy ass.. like… fart.


Thaz not naice.




<3 trinket

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random msn conversations

trinasaurus says:

*hey john

=/  » BIGαzивσìí . ☆ says:


trinasaurus says:


*tilt your head to the left

=/  » BIGαzивσìí . ☆ says:


*oh sorry i tilted to the right and it looked like a flower on roller skates


Daniel says:


Aziza says:



Daniel says:







Aziza says:


Robert, Trina, Dharshan conference

Just look at how reassuring Dharshan is, and how i just bugger off halfway through.
NOTE: Me and Rob have identical nicknames. I'm the black font, real Rob is blue font.


            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

please dont go

            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:


(%Dh@R$h@N%) says:

y not

            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

dont go

            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

save me

            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

run to the phone, and tell them there is a prowler around my house           our lines are down                      


       ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?             says:


            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

0 0  0, police, 23 malvern ave b hills NOW PLEASE

       ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?             says:

are you alone?

            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

the is a prowler rounf our fucking house an they cut yeh fukin phONE LINES

            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:


            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:


            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:


                  ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

i got bored, it was bullshit

          (%Dh@R$h@N%) says:


(%Dh@R$h@N%) says:

there on there way

            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

fuck no

       ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?             says:


            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

pleas esay ur jokingh



       ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?             says:


(%Dh@R$h@N%) says:


          (%Dh@R$h@N%) says:


            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

ring back

(%Dh@R$h@N%) says:

i told them

       ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?             says:

call them BACK

            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

i was lying

(%Dh@R$h@N%) says:


       ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?             says:


            ؟ ..>.x.'/[řØ฿™]\'.x.<.. ?        says:

dharshan u must be joking

(%Dh@R$h@N%) says:

oh ... was it a joke


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Jun. 4th, 2010

"It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart"

Today I heard John Kim sing. My life is complete. I have never ever heard such a beautiful voice from a guy before. Wow. I cried. It was beautiful.

Anyhoo, so how good is that weather?
I've turned so boring that i talk about the weather now.

But how beautiful was it?

heavy heavy rain.
Jongkim played and sung, and we danced in the rain. Lovely.

I love how when it rains, me, happy and trishna connect eyes (physically, it kinda hurts) and run to the bottom oval yelling "BOTTOM OVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!" and within seconds are joined by dani, jarrod, elias or kristy. gyahhhhhh so naice.

And what about that Elias hey?
Such a smart guy i swear.
Whenever I get a lift, he eyes me through the mirror scarily so i lose temptation to do dodgy stuff+ he puts on a cool song so i sing instead of backseat navigate. And also he drives unpredictably, so i really can't backseat navigate.

lol this morning:

*driving down gilba road la la la la*
mum pulls handbrake in the middle of the road.
mum: what . you think you're too good for your jumper?
trina: i-
mum: too hot for your jumper are you?
trina: no i..
mum: put on your jumper.

gyahh today is just random posts.

One thing that made my entiiiiiiiiiiiiiire year.
*me doing gangsta walk wearing elias' 3D glasses*
Kristy and Courtney just standing there: "You are the coolest person we know. Seriously"
and i know tis my blog and i'm tooting my own horn. but sometimes i get kinda down wondering that if i died people wouldn't remember me. but this tells me otherwise. and i wanna paste a bit of Krizzay's blog here, because i never want to forget it. also because i'm printing out my blog after hsc, and want this:









And I know a lot of cool people.


(Don't get me wrong, I know some that are truly awesome.)


(Trina is just the coolest.)



I really mean this sincerely, because I don't think she has yet realised the true extent of her awesome.



When I see her, she makes me smile.


When I hear her, I smile.


Hell, even when I hear someone recounting something she said or did, I smile.



So hey Treeeeeee.

You're cool (:

You guys are too nice to me. And I'm not complaining. I mean i feel kinda conceited pasting this. but like i said, i want to keep this blog and i want to remember EVERYTHING!

And also, Thank you Trishna and Happy- for reasons only you know.

oh btw, a couple of nights ago, while everyone was doing core:

sachin's nickname on msn
"Ooo Shelley and Scott, sittin in a tree, makin- stupid-texts-in-their-stupid-contexts-reflecting-their values-I.N.G"

mine was pretty intense..




and speaking of articifial conception/ creation.

Joanna Rose. Kuthi Jinani (bitch woman) of the century.
She's on 60 minutes complaining how her life is ruined because she was born by artificial insemination.
"Next time you donate sperm... just don't.. just don't do it."
Yeah sure, just for you, all disadvantaged couples/ women should just stop wanting children.

another thing- she's so obsessed with the fact that she doesn't know who her birth parents are that she has lost her identity:
*shot of her back, and audience sees the reflection of her face and body in the mirror*
"When I look in the mirror, i just don't recognise myself anymore"


Elias: "maybe she got confused and was looking out the window... hmm i look like a stormy harbour this morning... or a brick wall"

but seriously. This fugly ass ho (Joanna)  is so freaking caught up with her birth technology that she wants it stopped altogether.
What an unnapreciative bitch. Two people wanted her so badly that they paid so much money and time to have her concieved and she wasn't a whoops e daisy. Her parents wanted her. She doesn't realise how important that is.

Seriously, would she rather be dead?
Or know that she was born as a result of old people sexytiming?
Actually... both of those sound horrible..

But still. She was WANTED.
What an asshole.

And 60 minutes showed footage of her in a dark corner playing her shitty self composed song whinging about "dong no if itz right or wrongg". NO TALENT. NO BRAIN.

sorry about the swearing but i'm so angry right now. people are dying as a result of national conflict, starvation, abuse, genocide and THIS is what she wants to whinge about.

then again.. i'm whinging about her.


and on a happier note: John and I are auditioning for MAD. Wish us luck!

Thank you guys for putting up with my whinging.
And i know you love my rants. <3

Loooooooooove you. I love you more than Trishna hates cats and (happy) "more than curry guys love white skin"

trinket (trillian) mcsexypants

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Out of context.

trinket says:
*.... perhaps
*because the other day i randomly felt around for it
*lol jk.
Dani says:
*your pants =P
trinket says:
*but i did have to crack it back into place

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in response to "true genius, MEXICAN STYLE!" on my msn nickname (the slogan for old el paso), Yash says:

"You'll never get it past meeeeee"...*Scores* "I'm a Weet-Bix kid"...snap! suck it operah singer goal keeper dude says:

*omg mexican style...from those taco ads yeah? i have to disagree, mexicans are pretty stupid people, their ads like "for centuries, mexicans have been wondering wether to have hard tacos or soft tacos...until one day" Little boy:"Why dont we have both" and then he gets lifted up by a bunch of people, and also, they dont know how to make flat tacos, the narrators like "for centuries mexicans have been wondering how to make a taco stand up" until this little girls like "why dont we have a flat bottom?" and BAM she gets lifted up by a crowd.


have you guys seen this?


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I asked Ruben why he had "Follow My Advice!" on his nickname.

here we go.

]redrooftopz:[:)WATZ mY mIddLenAmE =) Follow My Advice! [sql+wcj] says:
*i could  make up some elaborate but untrue story to solve ur problm

TRINKET! says:
*go go!
]redrooftopz:[:)WATZ mY mIddLenAmE =) Follow My Advice! [sql+wcj] says:
*it was not very long ago
*one dark and stormy day
*when i but wee lad
*walked the fields of the ancient and long lost lands of damstadam
*for their... i reigned as SUPREME OVERLORD OF THE HIGHEST REALM
*my word was law

TRINKET! says:
*... warlock of witchenham?!!?
]redrooftopz:[:)WATZ mY mIddLenAmE =) Follow My Advice! [sql+wcj] says:
*and the places where my shadow did touch.... temples were built in honour of that grace i bestowed

TRINKET! says:
*holy crap...
*this is actually very tangible
]redrooftopz:[:)WATZ mY mIddLenAmE =) Follow My Advice! [sql+wcj] says:
*but there was one in the land who despised me and royal ancestry
*for he was once in great favour of our family
*he was our right hand, left foot and under arm hair
*but one day... we found trying to steal the jewel of the kingdom
*the spark of our hearts
*the joy and glimmering wealth that was ...
*our dog sparky....
*he said... "No sire... it was not i... it was but my brother who is in looks and statutre very similar to me"
*though he was not lying, we mistook the circumstance as incriminating and banished him from the kingdom of damstadam
*he was ruined
*with no wealth, no heatlh and no stealth... he turned to the dark arts
*he sold his soul and assumed the powers of a dark lord
*one by one our family perished... my mother, faher, sister and finally sparky
*we had no clue as to what evil eye had spyed our joyous and loving kingdom
*soon he came for me
*but as i was the chosen one he could not kill me
*rather he sent me to a foreign and dastardly world
*he sent me.....
*i was banished from my own kingdom
*and were it not for my ignorance in wrongly accusing VOLDAWART
*i would still be his highness, royal commander and supremem overlord of damstadam
*so i pray u
*do not jump to conclusions... do not presume wat u see and hear as fact
*for circumstances are deceining
*and they can lead u astry
*just as they did my family and my kingdom

TRINKET! says:
*that is the best story i have ever heard in ages
*no lies.
*i mean
*it DOES sound like harry potter and rasputin ..
]redrooftopz:[:)WATZ mY mIddLenAmE =) Follow My Advice! [sql+wcj] says:
*lols... i based it off harry potter and anastasia lol
*so thats some rlly good anlysis type non superficial thinking

TRINKET! says:
*i figured it out!

aaaaand that's why i married William Charles Johnson.


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Awesome rant i found.

It was this facebook group called "i'm sick of tampon ads trying to make menstruating look sexy"

at first i was like.... er ok.. then i read the description and it was the best rant ever! after Yash's rants.

/beging rant.

Sick of tampon commercials making that time of the month look like a party in your pants where everyone's invited? Its all clear skinned young women of the world going out with their 'besties' making charm bracelets and buying fugly tight white pants beacuse they can! Thanks to Libra and carefree you too can dress like a filthy skank from the back of whatever hellish trailer park britney busted out of, at any time of the month.Their inspirational music and pretty packaging make shedding the inner lining of your uterus a positive, bonding and colourful (not just red) experience. boys must think they're missing out. as far as the ads are concerned, the minute you get your period every month, all members of your racially diverse and equally attractive friends group are suddenly free to hang out, you get new clothes and a license to drive a convertible no matter how young/poor you are, you actually get hotter, and that boy who has been giving you sweet fuck all in the way of attention suddenly cannot resist your pheromones and makes out with you in front of all you friends. The tough days are the 25 odd days you dont get to have your period. Its any wonder there isn't a countdown.
A new, slightly more real ad campaign would include the following key messages:
1. No one is under any illusions that bleeding from your va-j-j not stop for 4-7 days is fun.no-one. there is no possible angle from which this activity could be perceived as anything but uncomfortable.
2. You do not view this as a beautiful reminder of your womanhood and subsequent god-given privilege to bear children. It was the first time.now its just blood.

Finally, the ultimate unique selling point for tampons, no matter the size/shape/colour/packaging:
3. You are bloated, angry, pimply and smell like blood. yeah it sucks but this tampon will stop you from bleeding all over yourself, so buy it.
I feel that pretty much covers it. Now i'm off to use my 5-blade, vibrating venus shaver that not only removes hair but also transforms me into a goddess standing on a rock in the middle of the ocean with nothing but a sarong and my ridiculously hot body to keep me company. word.

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